The Sustainable Sikkim Project

Sikkim is in a unique position to create sustainable prosperity despite rising challenges.

The climate crisis is making parts of India increasingly uninhabitable from extreme heat, drought, water shortages, floods and severe storms. Rising ocean levels will ultimately displace tens of millions.

As the climate crisis worsens, Sikkim holds unique importance because of its high altitude, water and green hydro power. It will become a destination for climate refugees whether or not it wants to be.

By preparing for this influx of climate refugees now, Sikkim can become a model for climate adaptation and sustainability and in doing so can create large numbers of well-paying jobs and the new infrastructure required to survive and thrive in the future. Runaway climate change cannot be stopped no matter how much humanity reduces its carbon footprint. The loss of ice in the Arctic has already converted it from an essential energy reflector to an energy absorber. The Arctic tipping-point has been surpassed and it is now releasing massive amounts of greenhouse gases that will dwarf all human contributions.

It is too late to stop runaway climate change and catastrophe. We must now engineer and construct the means to survive on an increasingly uninhabitable planet. This means developing a new climate-proof civilization that works with nature instead of against it. Sikkim is the ideal place for this new sustainable civilization due to is progressive culture and universities. It is already a world leader in organic agriculture and social and environmental responsibility.

We invite you to help us get started changing Sikkim's future through the rapid development of a model Sustainability Tech-Park and Habitat. This self-sufficient carbon-negative community will demonstrate new ways of living that nurtures nature and its human inhabitants. Once established it can expanded and replicated throughout the Himalayas.

Currently in the planning stages, New Kalapa is a new kind of urban hub where people can live healthy lives in a community combining underground living space, worksites, university facilities, and options for shopping, healthcare, and entertainment, all on site. It will feature innovations in green construction, advanced HVAC solutions, indoor agriculture, water management sysems including greywater recycling, and renewable energy. A joint project of Sustainable Sikkim, Climate Survival Solutions, Inc., PBC, and Bid Ocean, is part of a range of solutions to adapt to civilization's future challenges. More information about New Kalapa is available at

Funding is already available from climate adaptation grants, public-private partnerships and other sources. What is needed now is public awareness and support.