Sustainable Sikkim Mission

Sustainable Sikkim was created by a team of experienced strategic business, operations, and research/scientific professionals brought together with a single goal. That goal is to prepare all of us, through innovation, organizational stewardship, and planning, for a world transformed by the global climate crisis. We believe that with thought and conscious intent both individuals and organizations can find a way to survive and even thrive going forward.

We carry out our mission through climate crisis education; conducting and supporting climate science research; support of government, university and other institutions to understand needs and help plan for the future; developing innovations to support housing, working, food supply, graywater recycling solutions, renewable energy alternatives, sustainable waste management techniques, and more; climate activism as part of our outreach activities; and educational publications such as the Sustainable Sikkim Bulletin, plus the upcoming book, "The Sustainable Sikkim Guide to the Climate Crisis" and the comic book "The Journey to New Kalapa".