A Ray of Positivity Amidst the Tough Battle Against Covid-19 in India

ON 04/15/2020 AT 22:52 PM

Sometimes it is the smallest gestures by one person to another which make all the difference in making it through the challenges of the pandemic.

While the entire nation of India, like most others, is in a state of fear and panic caused by the Pandemic, the crisis that unites all of us has also seen HELP going viral all across the globe irrespective of race caste, culture, and religion.

HELP has no language, no caste, religion, and measurement; it is omnipresent and just in time when you are in actual need of it.  

If a young boy can spare his piggy bank will little that he had of rs 333 for his lunch box daily at the PM Care COVID 19 victims then why not everyone play a small role equally. The CM of West Bengal quoted “Even a one rupee contribution to the relief fund will make a great difference”

Just one call in the morning from UK, "Nisha my parents are in Delhi and I need your help? Can you please arrange some medicine for my elderly parents?" That’s where the idea of “Care mongers” India - a Facebook group, asking people to "stop scaremongering and start care mongering" - came to life on March 17. This group is receiving a good response in helping the elderly parents that are away from their children locked down abroad.

A young couple in India, who was supposed to tie the knot this month, gave up their savings for Corona-affected victims and instead went for simple nuptial at a local Mandir. Also a  Sikh community in New York offered free meals to more than 30,000 people admit COVID isolation in New York.

We have been coming across tales of police brutality daily, but that is but a fraction of all. One office in India provides food from his lunch box to a needy person in the street daily while on his post. Also, another policeman from Chandigarh distributed free pizza and a bottle of sanitizer to the kids in town just to put up a smile on the little ones' faces.

Residents in Jamnagar Delhi created a forum to provide rations for the daily wage earners during this indefinite lockdown. Susila Bahadur a resident from Ganesh Nagar Odisha has been providing dry rations to the labors in her locality until things get better. Similarly in Mumbai, animal rights activist and wildlife rescuer Lynette D'Souza is also providing free groceries to the daily wage earners in the city. Another young man from the same city Afzal Jiva has taken the initiative of providing tea and snacks every evening to the private security guards in his locality.

Even at some remote villages in West Bengal, where Sanitation and cleanliness are next to luxury and a one-time daily meal cost them a whole day hard labor, a group of members of the local Bookfair

committee in Jhargram a district in West Bengal served food and beverages to a few villages that are at present jobless, below poverty line and isolated from the main town in the lockdown.

Coming across an elderly lady aged 87, from Jammu and Kashmir Khalida Begum, donated her entire Hajj pilgrimage savings of a sum of Rs 5 lakhs for the Corona victims in her locality.

It’s not just humans who everyday people are helping; even animals are in great need to sustain themselves at this pandemic. A resident from Rajasthan tied up with a local NGO to provide 1500 chapattis daily to the stray animals and birds in the streets at this lockdown.

These passerby incidents may seem small, but together they leave imprints of unity and heart behind everywhere. So even if you are suffering yourself but have a way to reach out, remember the smallest gesture could make a big difference just about anywhere.