India Lightens Restrictions Imposed During Pandemic

ON 04/20/2020 AT 22:59 PM

India will gradually resume at least partial normal life in the country despite the pandemic, and try to revive stagnant economic activity.

The gradual lifting now of the lockdown as of April 20, enforced on March 25 and not completely eased until May 3, is an effort to reduce the economic damage and livelihoods of as many as 400 million poor.

The virus has infected more than 15,000 people in the country so far and the death toll has surpassed the 500-mark according to data from the Indian Government.

India has announced a roadmap to restart some industrial activity after April 20 especially areas deemed 'virus-free'. 

IT / ITES departments were told to operate at a fractional workforce.

India has yet to decide when to remove or relax restrictions on domestic and international flights and has advised airlines to take travel bookings only after a final decision has been taken, a minister of government said. 

Organizations will have to ensure every employee wears a face mask, no employee is closer than 6 feet from another, and that there are no meetings of 10 people or more.

All the organizations were asked to take up certain measures to strengthen their efforts against battling the pandemic. The new normal rules are as follows-

Operational Rules

  • No employee should be closer than 6 feet from another 
  • Meetings of 10 people or more cannot be conducted 
  • Lunch breaks to be staggered to avoid gatherings 
  • Employees need to work in shifts, with an hour’s gap between shifts 
  • Use of staircases to be encouraged. In the case of lifts, no more than 2-4 people should be allowed at a time 
  • No “non-essential” visitors allowed in offices 
  • For staff dependent on public transport, vehicles will need to be arranged by companies. These will be allowed to work with 30-40% passenger capacity. 

Health and Hygiene

  • Masks must for all employees 
  • Adequate hand sanitizers to be available 
  • Thermal screening mandatory for all staff 
  • All workplaces to keep a list of COVID hospitals nearby 
  • Use of Aarogya Setu app to be encouraged