A Pandemic-Afflicted Earth Day 2020 Calls for Reimagining a Greener, Better Post-Covid-19 World

ON 04/22/2020 AT 20:43 PM

We need to understand and accept now -- more than ever -- that how we have lived so far has shifted towards a new normal, and that we have the power to reimagine and recreate a world where we co-exist with nature.

"We need a new way of thinking, a new consciousness, a new cultural story" - Daniel Christian Wahl. Photo: Matthias/CC

Only a few months ago life was wrapped up around a different kind of normal, Where the air that we breathed continued to scar our lungs because the factories and machines continues to give out smoke, the water flowing in the rivers continued ever more polluted, and businesses continued destroying the environment.

It was a time when the representatives of our government continued the game of blaming and shaming each other and the last but not the least - the commercial media would be selling us ideas dreams and products that would come to us at the price of a life, our life.

All these supposed events were orchestrated to play together, on a daily basis. That was our normal – until a disease spread throughout, bringing this normal to a standstill.

Who knew that our planet would need to take a break – from all things human, so much so that it would in a manner of a sharp blow shut us all down within our own confines? And now, as we are compelled to remain locked inside our homes, we are beginning to think what might be the best way to move forward.

The last few years have been pushing us towards an awakening towards our natural environment. With strong focus on climate and environment activism through most significantly, climate activists Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough (the voice behind the "One Planet" television series and more), have enlightened many souls to the fact that climate change is causing the collapse of all natural processes on Earth, as we know them today. It also brought to light that we are losing our chances of survival, of thriving on this planet along with our biodiversity, our land and water.

And that diseases like Covid-19 are but a result of human-induced changes such as major greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and deforestration driven by greed.

Unlike the pandemic, it will not be fully traced or mapped until it is done wiping out animals plants and humans alike.

The things we learned from the past few months of being in quarantine – that lockdown is something we indeed can survive without mass consumption, that we can live without the eagerness of going out every other night, and that we need to sensibly use energy resources -- must be listened to and reflected on carefully. And that by have done this for the past few months we have, perhaps for the first time, begun giving back to the nature some long needed respect, which in turn catapults back with cleaner air, greener surroundings, and a home filled with more peace.

Of course, the circumstances should have been different and the silver lining is not worth the devastation. But it is the hand we have been dealt with,and it is what we must take advantage of.

So, as we brave something as tragic as the pandemic, let us all take a moment to understand that we have chance to ward off something as tragic in the coming years. Here’s what you can do:

  • Stop using fuel carelessly
  • Encourage the government to invest in more green projects and not deforest for the sake of ‘development’
  • Cook more organic, eat better
  • Don’t invest in fast fashion, it is terrible in terms of labour laws thanks to sweatshops and double terrible for the environment due to excessive production using cheap material
  • Invest in more sustainable fabrics and completely stop using plastic
  • Compost
  • Upcycle and recycle
  • Don’t waste food, realise that hunger is an actual problem
  • Workout and meditate for a calmer and fitter interior and exterior
  • Have more meaningful and honest relationships with your loved ones, support each other, and reduce the baggage of vitriol, hate, grudges, and toxicity
  • Read more, and spend less time digitally attached
  • Believe in the power of self and positive vibes. Manifesting good for the universe will almost always be recognised
  • Check your privilege and help those who can benefit from it, whether through wealth, or health, or a conversation

We must accept the changes that a post-COVID world will bring us, and most importantly we must be willing to work towards more changes that we can bring forth together to believe in the power of living a life where moments are savoured, not quantified by materialism.

This Earth Day, let us all remember that earth stood still for us to re-imagine a different kind of normal, let us all rethink our way forward – our world in a brand new light where both our creative genius (that created new technologies) and bountiful nature alike are equally respected and nurtured.