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Recent News about Climate Change and Survival and Sustainability Solutions

ON 04/14/2020 AT 18:20 PM

The Bishnoi community is often called the protector of wildlife and environment in western Rajasthan, at times going to extreme lengths for their cause.

ON 04/13/2020 AT 05:51 AM

According to Joshi, it is after a long time that Ganga water has become good for ritual sipping in Haridwar adding that the causes behind cleaner Ganga water is a 500 per cent decrease in total dissolved solid (TDS), industrial effluent, sewage from hotels and lodges

ON 04/13/2020 AT 05:49 AM

Citizens in India may have a whole lot more to deal with than just the coronavirus pandemic, as increasing temperatures are likely to further exacerbate the situation for the 1.3 billion people ordered to stay indoors in the world’s biggest COVID-19 lockdown.

ON 04/11/2020 AT 20:11 PM

A study just published in the journal Nature reports that unchecked global warming has sent across a rippling effect of mass die offs. The soaring temperatures have pushed most species on earth to the brink of extinction, and as ecosystems like coral reefs and forests crumble under this pressure, some will collapse abruptly and as early as 2030 the study warns.

ON 04/06/2020 AT 18:37 PM

The coronavirus pandemic may not have been the best way to learn about it, but drastically cutting so many emissions as companies and transportation has shut down has proven a major benefit to the country's air and water.

ON 04/06/2020 AT 06:31 AM

With temperatures 39.7°C higher than normal, most cities in Maharashtra just experienced their hottest temperatures ever for this time of year.

ON 04/02/2020 AT 05:35 AM

The Government of Telangana offered free electrical power to support the farming/agriculture sector - 24 hours to power 23 lakhs pump sets across the state. The prospect looks lucrative on the surface as it would definitely benefit the farmer community, and it did win a lot of farmer support. But the implementation has created an environmental mess.

ON 04/02/2020 AT 05:04 AM

More intense heat waves await India this summer with the months of April, May and June set to experience temperatures warmer than normal, the Indian Meteorological Department has said.

ON 04/01/2020 AT 18:59 PM

A low probability of an El Niño ocean effect in the Pacific this year -- and its impact on more rain for the the country of India this summer, is good news for a nation where two-thirds of its population depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

ON 04/01/2020 AT 18:45 PM

In a small town far away from the urban buzz of Tokyo, the small town of Kamikatsu has figured out a way to shift from a mentality of waste management to eliminating even the making of waste. Citizens of Sikkim, take note.

ON 03/31/2020 AT 18:58 PM

While the major threats are habitat degradation, deforestation and the rapid change in the land use pattern from human activities, poaching – though underestimated - is imperiling the animal population in almost all the range countries.

ON 03/29/2020 AT 18:45 PM

While the small-sized glaciers in Sikkim have been reducing to adjust to climate change, the larger ones are losing mass through extensive thinning, with the unfortunate discovery that Sikkim is losing glacier mass overall faster than other Himalayan regions.

ON 03/25/2020 AT 19:58 PM

Over the course of these few weeks, with states and territories imposing lockdown after lockdown – the entire country also witnessed beautiful sights and sounds.

ON 03/25/2020 AT 06:58 AM

UPDATED - With little information about how bad the coronavirus situation is across the country – but based on considerable fear of what might be ahead, India has locked down the entire country of 1.3 billion

ON 03/20/2020 AT 18:54 PM

A uniquely determined group could change the way people live in India -- and perhaps across the world -- forever.

ON 03/19/2020 AT 21:35 PM

Keeping hands clean is one of the easiest and best ways to prevent transmission of the new coronavirus. But for India’s homeless and urban poor who live in thousands of slums across major cities and towns, maintaining good hygiene can be nearly impossible.

ON 03/17/2020 AT 19:57 PM

On a climb up to Climate Action, Odisha becomes one of the first state in the country to present a climate budget this year. The importance of such a move reflects the fact that climate has direct relevance to outcomes in agriculture, health, hunger, forests, water, etc. In fact, every aspect of life and thus climate budget is a step in the right direction but the challenge remains how far the departments will implement the suggestions made in the budget.

ON 03/13/2020 AT 18:41 PM

The Government of India, Government of Himachal Pradesh, and the World Bank have signed an $80 million loan agreement to improve water management practices and increase agricultural productivity in selected Gram Panchayats.

ON 03/12/2020 AT 18:45 PM

Seven states falling in the Ganga basin - Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Nagaland, in the last 30 years have witnessed a significant decrease in the annual rainfall trend revealed a report ‘Observed Rainfall Variability and Changes’ by the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India.

ON 03/11/2020 AT 17:39 PM

Many pesticides that are dangerous for human life and the environment, which have been banned across the world, are still sold in India. The lack of awareness about pesticides and their mishandling has had a hefty toll on the lives of farmers across India.

ON 03/10/2020 AT 19:12 PM

According to a report by the McKinsey Global institute, high temperatures and heat waves may threaten the very survival of human beings and India could be one of the world's first places to show most of the changes brought about by climate change.

ON 03/09/2020 AT 18:17 PM

A study conducted by the Scientists from the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG)at Chirbasa station near Gangotri Glacier has found that the concentration of black carbon in the region increases by 400 times during summer, which can accelerate the melting of the Gangotri glaciers because of its light-absorbing nature.

ON 03/05/2020 AT 17:23 PM

"The results reveal a widespread significant increase in the frequency of hot days over all-India, except over the Indo-Gangetic plains," said Manish Kumar Joshi, the study lead author from IITM.

ON 03/03/2020 AT 18:32 PM

According to a new study, 13 major towns across India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are facing acute water shortages despite being in regions where water should be plentiful. This time the climate crisis has less to do with the immediate problem.

ON 03/02/2020 AT 17:17 PM

The last major surge was in 1993 when heavy rains created favourable breeding conditions for locusts along the India-Pakistan border. The upcoming summer-monsoon may breed locusts to increase its numbers 5 times more than it already exists, with concerns that by June 2020, there will probably be extraordinarily large swarms in India, overwhelming the country’s current capacity to control them.

ON 02/29/2020 AT 18:04 PM

Recognizing the why behind its distinction as a prime tourist destination, Sikkim has proven skillful in developing warriors truly dedicating their lives to protect and conserve nature for better sustainability.

ON 02/28/2020 AT 18:46 PM

According to a study analysis released by private group McKinsey & Company Inc., Mumbai could witness a 25% increase in flash-flood intensity events by 2050, with average flood depth rising from 0.46m to 0.82m, which will affect two to three million people living within 1 km of the coastline.

ON 02/27/2020 AT 16:51 PM

Tulasi Gowda, who is now renowned as the Encyclopedia of Forest, is one of the unsung heroes to have received the prestigious Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award presented by the Government of India on the eve of Republic Day this year.

ON 02/24/2020 AT 16:52 PM

A large number of species that are thought to be common and widespread find themselves as of High Conservation Concern.

ON 02/20/2020 AT 17:28 PM

Whether it is about cli-migration where over 80 per cent of the displaced people are women or taking the extra mile to collect water, women in India are often the first victims of both water scarcity and water pollution.

ON 02/17/2020 AT 17:31 PM

With high heat, drought, storms and more, India is now becoming one of the most visibly affected -- and least reported on -- of countries dealing with severe effects of the climate crisis.

ON 02/14/2020 AT 17:16 PM

Climate crisis induced frequent and intense rainfall is likely to make high altitude Asian regions more susceptible to landslides and floods, subsequently affecting around 1 billion people, a new study has warned.

ON 02/06/2020 AT 17:15 PM

With growing world population and changing weather conditions across the globe, feeding more and more people in a sustainable way without destroying the environment is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge. India is leveraging biodiversity perhaps like few other countries are to make this happen.

ON 01/29/2020 AT 04:14 AM

New Delhi, a city of nearly 21 million people, is buckling under the weight of its own garbage. A new approach to waste management could change all that.

ON 02/02/2020 AT 17:45 PM

Nepal, a landlocked country in Southern Asia and home to the tallest mountain in the world, is facing the effects of global warming and climate change more than anywhere else in the world.

ON 01/23/2020 AT 17:56 PM

Lakes formed by glacial meltwater are likely amplifying glacier recession along the Himalayas leading to increased ice loss, a recent study has found.

ON 01/15/2020 AT 18:05 PM

A recently published paper points out that while climate change is getting major attention in the press today, study of the ecological crisis and biodiversity loss is often overlooked.

ON 01/14/2020 AT 17:13 PM

The Himalayas are growing greener as global heating increases.

ON 01/13/2020 AT 03:19 AM

More than 5,000 glacier lakes spawned from rapidly melting glaciers in the Himalayas are disasters waiting to happen as researchers warn global warming may weaken the lakes' natural barriers resulting in massive flooding downstream.

ON 01/09/2020 AT 18:15 PM

With temperatures 0.36°C higher than normal, India just experienced its hottest decade on record, with over 1,500 people perishing last year due to extreme weather conditions.

ON 01/07/2020 AT 03:44 AM

Water-level in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna, the largest and most densely populated delta in the world -- and located in the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent, could rise as much as 85 to 140cm by the end of this century, a new study has warned.

ON 01/07/2020 AT 00:38 AM

Microgreens, the smaller version of full-grown greens and veggies which are nutritious and easy to grow, are turning into a staple food source for Indian Army troops posted in higher altitudes.

ON 01/02/2020 AT 03:29 AM

According to the India State of Forest Report (ISFR 2019), the country has increased forest and tree cover by a total of 5,188 square kilometers since 2017, including an increase of 3,976 sq. km (0.56 percent) of forest cover and 1,212 sq. km (1.29 percent) of tree cover.

ON 12/30/2019 AT 23:57 PM

Groundwater, a vital element representing 99 per cent of the Earth's freshwater critical for supplying drinking water to more than two billion people, and an important source of water for agriculture, is depleting at an alarming rate due to over exploitation, exacerbated by climate change.

ON 12/26/2019 AT 22:48 PM

Earlier this week a major joint venture (JV) between IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative) and the government of Sikkim put down their foundation stone for a new Rs 50 crore organic food processing unit.

ON 12/20/2019 AT 20:13 PM

The Supreme Court in the Netherlands just ruled that the country is obligated under international human rights laws to take much tougher actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ON 12/20/2019 AT 07:32 AM

After rejecting multiple offerings, one of the largest coal-fired plant energy producers in India is still seeking solutions for effective emissions control systems.

ON 12/19/2019 AT 06:59 AM

Some of the most valued apples in all of India are in danger as temperatures climb because of global heating.

ON 12/18/2019 AT 22:32 PM

Peatlands, a thick and condensed layer of soil formed from decaying plant materials, are rapidly being uncovered as global heating increases. Mapping them could help with greenhouse gas mitigation strategies.

ON 12/12/2019 AT 16:57 PM

Eight-year-old Licypriya Kangujam's speech at the COP25 climate conference in Madrid, Spain, gave the world a glimpse of her resolve as she urged global leaders to "act now against climate change".