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Recent News about Climate Change and Survival and Sustainability Solutions

ON 12/12/2019 AT 16:54 PM

Humanity has achieved many innovations during this period in every field possible, from advanced medical research to walking on the moon, but has failed to understand and do good to the very planet we live in. It is about time we act to restore nature and help build a stable future for our planet, through business.

ON 12/10/2019 AT 19:47 PM

The Global Climate Risk Index 2020 released on December 4, ranked India as the 5th country most affected by climate change in 2018.

ON 12/06/2019 AT 18:26 PM

With ominous implications for its future, India just made it through the third warmest November since records began being kept in 1901.

ON 12/05/2019 AT 06:29 AM

The Indian state of West Bengal plans to add as many as 5,000 electric buses to its existing fleet by 2030, to combat air pollution and protect the environment.

ON 12/01/2019 AT 17:18 PM

A survey article just published by climate scientist expert James Powell shows virtually all climate scientists are now on board about the cause of global heating and the serious nature of what we as a species have done to the planet.

ON 11/29/2019 AT 17:02 PM

Plastics were made to make life easy, but then the throw-away culture that followed it reveals a dark side of the material that seems to be swallowing the planet, starting with the oceans.

ON 11/29/2019 AT 16:56 PM

Plastics, even though it is indispensable in today's life, it is also the only major contributor to land and ocean pollution that causes irreversible effects and imbalance in the eco-system.

ON 11/29/2019 AT 16:50 PM

Fossil fuel energy consumption has no doubt been the number one reason behind the current climate change scenario...

ON 11/29/2019 AT 16:39 PM

Try adjusting your workspace to doing good for nature and see how the rewards just keep flowing back in!

ON 11/29/2019 AT 16:22 PM

During one of Sustainable Sikkim's outreach events at MG Mark in Gangtok recently, several students stopped by and shared their experience with reducing waste.

ON 11/29/2019 AT 16:12 PM

We may not be able to stop the inevitable, but we can surely do our bit in water conservation. Read on...

ON 11/29/2019 AT 16:03 PM

Turns out, even on the basis of our diet, eating healthy for our own body also means eating for a healthy planet. Read on...

ON 11/29/2019 AT 15:52 PM

Choose eco-conscious commuting to make our planet and the life in it, a little greener, happier and healthier.

ON 11/29/2019 AT 09:22 AM

We're familiar with the 3 R's, Reduce, reuse, recycle. This time we combat climate change by working out the 5R's. Read on...

ON 11/29/2019 AT 09:06 AM

"Plastic packaging" ooooh! the black food boxes, there's more to these plastics than just packaging. Read on to know more.

ON 11/29/2019 AT 08:53 AM

From where and how the food on our plates are produced, to what we choose to eat, our food habits influence the ongoing climate change in many ways. Read on to know more about it.

ON 11/29/2019 AT 08:43 AM

If our mountains perish, we perish along with it.

ON 11/29/2019 AT 08:22 AM

A member of our team is currently on his way from Gangtok to Nepal to be part of one of the most important meetings on the Climate Crisis to be held this year.

ON 11/29/2019 AT 04:22 AM

Chennai's water crisis may only be a fragment of what is yet to come if we do not act now. If it gives us anything beyond pain and trouble is a shaking, an awakening which we must quickly grab. While there is still time.

ON 11/29/2019 AT 01:47 AM

The biggest problem our human civilization is facing at present is more serious than climate change, or global warming, the self-sabotaging blackhole of human conscience and responsibility.

ON 11/28/2019 AT 16:42 PM

Have you noticed how summers have become hotter than before?

ON 06/05/2020 AT 23:46 PM

With the ongoing challenge of tackling COVID-19, a state of the environment report released by Down to Earth on Thursday said that climate change still poses the biggest economic threat to the world both in terms of impact and likelihood in the next decade.