The Sustainable Sikkim Team

Following are some of the key people involved in Sustainable Sikkim from a larger team of 200 people in 6 countries.

Tim Loncarich

Tim Loncarich has been an entrepreneur, researcher and futurist since he was twelve years old and has spent the last forty years deeply immersed in sustainability issues and developing a framework for a new human civilization and culture that is truly sustainable and which nurtures human evolution. He is the founder and Chairman of the International Digital Monetary Council think tank and founder and CEO of Bid Ocean and Climate Survival Solutions, a U.S. based public benefit corporation that is the parent of Climate Survival Solutions India.

Brad Reddersen

Brad Reddersen is an American entrepreneur and senior executive with over 30 years of experience in the fields of computer graphics, electro-optics, supercomputers, retail technology, climate crisis science, and sustainability engineering.

Mr. Reddersen has a B.S. in Physics, and M.S. in Optical Engineering and advanced education in computer science, climate science and electrical engineering. He is the inventor of over 30 U.S. patents, and is the author of papers in climate science, geopolitics, technology, and strategy.

Dr. Chance Eaton

Dr. Chance Eaton is an organizational psychologist and peak performance coach with advanced degrees in psychology, business and education. He is the founder of Human Capital Solutions International, a Learning & Organizational Development Consulting firm. His areas of specialization include organizational psychology, work engagement, performance coaching, leadership development, and well-being. Previous work experience includes Learning & Development for Insurance and State Government, Farming-Ranching, Higher Education Faculty, Human Resource Leadership, Mental Health Counseling, and Non-Profit Leadership.

Ruchie Custan

Ruchie Custan is an Electronics Engineer with focus on R&D and Project Management. After graduating from university in 2006, he had worked with large and small organizations that allowed him to gain experience in various areas of engineering discipline, ranging from microcontroller design to developing products for some of the most challenging environmental applications. Ruchie finds interest in exploring various physical phenomena through the application of advanced sensor systems. He is currently based in Canada.

Ria Alaba

Ria Alaba has a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering. She has been working with Bid Ocean as a Software Programmer since 2009. She helps develop the Sustainable Sikkim and Climate Survival Solutions websites and is one of the technical support personnel.

Apart from her profession, she also has an interest in sewing, DIY, and recycling. She made her own version of grocery bags and cloth sanitary napkins. This is her way of reducing plastic waste and helping the environment.

Shobhna Gupta

Shobhna Gupta is a graphic designer and page/book designer supporting the many regular publications of the Sustainable Sikkim group.

Prior to joining the organization, she held the role as Publishing Service Executive at Thomson Digital.

Passang Dem Bhutia

Passang Dem Bhutia has a Master's degree in Zoology. She supports the Sustainable Sikkim activities with research in the areas of advanced agriculture technology, the impacts of a hotter future on biodiversity and ecosystems, vermiculture, and aquaponics.

Vivek Tamang

Vivek Tamang serves as an In-house News Reporter and Outreach Manager for Sustainable Sikkim.

Prior to this, Mr. Vivek worked as a CCTV Operator & Security Supervisor for Abu Dhabi Police for more than 3 years. He supervised the team of 40 Security Officers in maintaining law and order. He also served as an Administrator for facilities management company in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Dheeraj Chettri

Dheeraj Chettri has a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology. He has been working with Bid Ocean as a Web Designer and Developer since last 2 years. He helps develop the Sustainable Sikkim website and is also the moderator for the Sustainable Sikkim's social media handles.

Shirin Pitale

Shirin Pitale is the Illustrator for the Journey to New Kalapa comic book series. Prior to joining the Sustainable Sikkim team, she worked as a freelance illustrator, an assistant content producer for several Bollywood projects, and supported a team of international artists such as THE VAMPS and Hrvy during their concert tours in India. She also enjoys hiking, traveling, dancing, and reading in her personal life. She is a BMS Marketing graduate and currently lives in Mumbai, India.

Neha Dewan

Neha has a graduate degree in English literature. She leads the recruitment efforts of hiring talented individuals from varied background for Sustainable Sikkim project.

Ms. Dewan is proficient in Corel Draw and takes interest in reading novels (fiction).

Bagepali Hydervali

Bagepali Hydervali is a structural engineer based in Karnataka, India, with experience in site analysis, building engineering, and structural analysis. He has a S.S.LC Degree from K.S.S.E.B., P.U.C. from National College, and Civil Engineering training from S.J.C.I.T. Chickbalapur.

Smeriti Pradhan

Smeriti Pradhan is a civil engineer within the Sustainable Sikkim/New Kalapa engineering team. She holds a B. Tech in Civil Engineering and is currently working on designs and concepts to support climate adaptation and mitigation strategies for the New Kalapa Tech Park and Habitat.

Leoni Leong

Leoni Leong is an architectural designer and CAD technologist based in the Philippines, and a member of the Sustainable Sikkim/New Kalapa Tech Park and Habitat design team. She is eco-conscious and a nature lover, making this project a dream for her to be a part of.

Vishal Mahajan

Vishal Mahajan has 12.5 years of experience in Industry as a Production Supervisor and Maintenance Manager. He has served 11.1 years in Education/Teaching Profession with a reputed Engineering Colleges and University as a Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer/ Assistant Professor/Class Co-ordinator/ Placement Co-ordinator/ Overall Faculty Coordinator for Placements.